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Elizabeth McIntosh - Professional Reading, Writing and Editorial ServicesElizabeth McIntosh Writing is the culmination of more than eight years worth of reading, writing, reporting, teaching and travelling by freelance journalist Elizabeth McIntosh who found working for herself much more fun and flexible than a traditional 9am to 5pm day.

Currently located in San Francisco, Elizabeth McIntosh Writing offers professional reading services, SEO writing and blog articles and ghost-writing services. Although based in the Bay Area, thanks to the Internet, these services are offered everywhere and anywhere!

Originally hailing from Australia, Elizabeth McIntosh has lived in Scotland, Kenya, Vietnam and New Zealand; she’s also collected plenty of passport stamps from other locations, too. This world-wide experience means Elizabeth McIntosh Writing offers location-centric articles, using location-centric lingo (that’s language for the uninitiated!) Ultimately, that means less editing at the business-end of your publication.

More professional qualification information can be found on LinkedIn – but the ‘cliff’s notes’ version is that Elizabeth McIntosh holds a degree in journalism from the University of South Australia and is currently working toward her LLB (law degree) with Australia’s Macquarie University. She has worked as a journalist in newspapers, radio, magazines and was a writer and researcher at a boutique Australian law firm. Elizabeth McIntosh’s journalistic and research-driven background may mean she doesn’t know the answer straight away, but she does know where to start looking to find it out!